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Drag’N’Fly has established itself as one of – if not the premier –  growing roll-off businesses serving demolition operations throughout the greater Salt Lake area.


We know the in’s and out’s of demolition, from the leaders of our organization, to the drivers in each truck, you can rest assured that we will work with you and your demolition job to ensure maximum efficiency.


Our drivers are skilled at what they do and we have an excellent track record of getting our dumpsters in and out of a site, including creative placement to increase efficiency for your labor. You’re getting more bang for your buck with each haul with Drag’N’Fly.

Efficient and Creative Dumpster Placement
It is often extremely important for the efficiency of a demolition job that a roll off dumpster be placed in the correct place, or to be more specific, the most efficient place possible considering the job at hand. At Drag’N’Fly we work with you to ensure that debris has to travel the smallest distance possible which can make the difference between finishing a job ahead of schedule, decreasing labor costs and making your customers happy, and the alternative, over-runs, which can end up costing your company money. Our skilled drivers are key in this aspect.
Here at Drag’N’Fly we are well aware of the sometimes unpredictable nature of the demolition process. Sometimes a dumpster can be filled extremely rapidly, sometimes you may suddenly need a removal or additional dumpsters in a single day. At Drag’N’Fly you can communicate with us and we will accommodate your changing needs to the best of our ability, and we’re often able to ramp up services as needed immediately.
Communication and Accommodation
There is no substitution for good communication when doing business, and you can rest assured that when doing business with Drag’N’Fly, no request will go unanswered. We will do our absolute best within the limits of our equipment and manpower to accommodate your changing needs.

For companies operating multiple demolition projects simultaneously, if you work with Drag’N’Fly concurrently at multiple job sites, efficiency can be increased as we are able to coordinate our pick-ups and drop-offs between the sites.